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Social Bunny Legacy...

Photobucket banned the original images, but I managed to find backups on my computer, so I posted these from a different host. I'm not sure why Photobucket bans pictures of bunny headed Sims in lingerie.

Growing Up Fast

(Blocked picture - This one of two rabbit heads poking out of a blanket - I don't have a backup of this)

One day, Social
suddenly realized her baby Floursack had grown up to be a mature adult. More or
less. In the morning, she found another bunny head facing her.

"You look strange,"
she said. "Of course, you were always a weird little girl. I still can't believe
you grew out of a flour sack. And where'd you find that sleazy outfit?" "I went
shopping," she said. "You should go out sometime. They got a great place down
the street." "Well, anyways, I still love you and you've grown up to be a very
beautiful floursack woman."

Some awkward
hugging ensued.

"It's my birthday,
mom." "Oh! Already? Well, dear, we should invite some of your friends over for a
party, then!"

(Floursack talking to her dad - no backup for this either.)

She visited her
father next. "Hey, dad! Look at me! I'm grown up!" "Wow," he gasped. Then he
became speechless. "What is it?" "'re so much like your mom," he
stammered. "Dad, I've got something...kind of embarrassing to ask you. Um, I
don't know how to say this, but, you know, I've seen some boys at school, do you kiss boys?" And then it happened.

It seemed innocent at first.

But then, it became disturbing. Floursack pushed her father away. "Stop. This is wrong." "C'mon!
You're a bag of flour!" She stomped away. "What! Was it something I said?"

After this,
Floursack's school friends dropped in. Actually, they were more like
acquaintances, because they just didn't understand a child that behaved like a
sack of flour. They didn't stay lon, so she just sat and talked with her mother

"Don't worry about
it, honey bunny. I was a social outcast myself, but now look at me!" "You're
still a social outcast, and you raised a sack of flour. You're not helping."
Social just sighed.
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